Online Eye Tracking: A Novel Technique for Predicting Gaze Points with TehriHills Consulting

Online Eye Tracking: A Novel Technique for Predicting Gaze Points with TehriHills Consulting

Companies, including, TehriHills Consulting, are tirelessly working to develop advanced solutions that can be utilised across various work environments, by a broad range of individuals, and with a variety of machines or devices, as part of their objective to improve the world through technology.


Discover how online eye tracking, a groundbreaking method, leverages the processing prowess of a standard computer or laptop. This AI-powered technique, deciphers a person’s gaze through their webcam. Consulting Experts at TehriHills employ deep neural networks to extract critical insights, paving the way for High-Quality Results

Why use eye tracking –


Unlock the power of scientific research with eye tracking, gaining unparalleled insights into user preferences and behaviour. At TehriHills, we utilize this method to enhance product and service design, craft effective marketing campaigns, and truly understand the customers through Customer Insights.

This methodology extends to research, delving into human intuition, engagement, and design improvements, crucial for superior user experience and usability.

How to Use Eye tracking –


Elevate your decision-making process with this technology, capturing objective measurements and behavioural insights. Create web-based studies, effortlessly inviting participants for data collection. Data Collection Services at TehriHills empower you to analyse the captured data effectively. The tracking system encompasses cameras, light sources, and computing capabilities, translating optical data into actionable insights.


How Brands can use eye tracking –

Here are some specific examples of how eye tracking can be used in market research:

  • Product design: Improvise the products and make them more user-friendly and engaging by identifying focal points
  • Website design: Improve website usability by tracking user interactions
  • Marketing campaign testing: Optimize campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Better Customer research: Tailor your products and services to meet customer needs through insightful data analysis.


Data compliance while using Eye tracking –

To ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, this hardware technology uses real-time image processing to calculate only the essential data points, which are then streamed directly to the client application. Users must be informed if their data is stored or transferred to another system for third-party applications.


Unlock the potential of Online Eye Tracking with TehriHills Consulting and Explore how Tehrihills is revolutionizing the landscape through innovations in Market Research, Qualitative Data, and Data Analysis Services.

Tehrihills bagged 2 Forsta AIR Awards in 2021 for innovation and excellence in Market Research and Insight practices, Know More –

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